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Coffee Bean Teething Necklace Gift Set

Coffee Bean Teething Necklace Gift Set


A perfect gift for tea & coffee lovers (...or a gorgeous tea/coffee themed treat for yourself!)

Coffee Bean Swaddle Blanket

Perfect for the baby who enjoys a daily outing to the coffee shop, these silky soft, coffee bean swaddles are as soft as they are fun. No matter how you’re using our breathable muslin swaddle, it will surround your little one in luxurious, machine-washable fabric made from bamboo with cotton.

Size: 120cm * 120cm

Teething Necklace

A baby-proof necklace for mum to wear and baby to enjoy. Made from soft, silicone beads, these will keep baby engaged whether they are teething, breastfeeding or watching you drink your hot cuppa.

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